Circulation socks for falls prevention
 Pilates Yoga anklet socks

Australian designed, quality cotton non slip socks with cushioned soles for Falls Prevention, Pilates & Yoga


After some trials with other brands of safe socks for comfort durability Gripperz came out winner. I found even at the end of a long day that Gripperz socks were still in the same position as when I put them on in the morning. I also found that the Safe Sock the hospitals give you to use are not as good as Gripperz.David Gargano

- David Gargano

The best quality socks we've ever found in Australia. Our yoga students love them and often repeat purchase every few years once they wear out, which takes a while :) Great socks & great service, thank you!

- Charley

These socks are so comfortable with good size grip dots under the sole and made from a very good quality cotton stretch fabric. Our Pilates clients love them.!! Excellent value for money too.

- Jenny

I'm so glad I found Gripperz socks online because after scouring department stores they either had nothing with grip or poor quality "one size fits all" bed socks that weren't very effective at all for preventing slips. Great product, really good value for money and a good choice of colours.

- Dora M

I have bought several pairs of these socks for my elderly Mother (97 and still living independently). She Loves them as she has mobility issues feels much more confident about not slipping when she is walking across polished areas within the house. I don't own a pair myself however my Mother is quite 'hard to please' and as she loves them and has asked for more pairs I take that as a WINNER!!

- Jan G

I recently slipped and fell on my tile floor so I purchased these socks because the non slip grippers go well over the back heel. I am very pleased and highly recommend them!

- Janet Peach

I am loving these socks!! I work in a recording studio all day, long days and I like to get comfortable, these socks don’t just give me a mini massage every step I take but they are so good for drum sessions. Gripperz give me grip I need to stay on the pedals without the need for shoes, no matter how long the session goes! THANK YOU!

- Christ De Kesel