Wholesale Enquiries

Interested in stocking Gripperz socks?

For a copy of our attractive wholesale rates, please email us your:

  • Contact Name
  • Business Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Business street address

Display Stands can be purchased to help businesses clearly and professionally display Gripperz socks.

  • Choose between a 3 prong & 4 prong stand so that you can display socks by size or style.
  • The white oval on the 3 prong stand header card has been left blank so that you can insert your own retail price.

Stocking Gripperz non slip socks can help you boost your sales revenue and add value to your services. Here are some ideas:

  • Display Gripperz socks close to your reception desk, making it easy for clients to notice them and include a purchase when paying for your services
  • Offer a discount on Gripperz socks in conjunction with an in-house offer as an incentive for your clients to wear socks while exercising
  • Include a free pair of Gripperz socks in your premium fitness packages as an incentive for clients to purchase your best package
  • Suggest a pair of Gripperz as an add on purchase to gift voucher buyers
  • Send VIP clients a pair of Gripperz socks as a Christmas or birthday gift to thank them for their loyalty and create goodwill
  • Ask your instructors to wear Gripperz socks and mention when they are assisting with effective gripping so that clients can see the value in owning a pair for themselves
Did You Know?
You can have your non slip socks customised? We can embroid your business logo on our non slip socks and even manuafacture them in your chosen colour. A minimum order of 1,000 pairs applies. Please email us for full details

Retailers of our socks include:

  • Aged care facilities
  • Mobility Aid Retailers
  • Pilates Studios
  • Yoga Studios
  • Physiotherapists & Podiatrists
  • Boutique Gyms
  • Day Spas
  • Aquatic Centres

Gripperz have been heavily road tested by us within our own Pilates Studio to ensure that they provide maximum performance and safety even under extreme conditions. Gripperz superior grip dot technology will ensure that you are always sure of foot even on slippery surfaces improving yours and clients safety. Gripperz improve hygiene and reduce cleaning requirements for your equipment and mats.