Falls Prevention

To assist patients with mobility difficulties, the National Falls Guidelines recommends the use of non slip footwear as part of a multi-factorial falls prevention strategy.

"Barefoot or nonslip socks may be a safer footwear option than standard cotton socks for older people walking indoors on potentially slippery surfaces. Compared with wearing standard socks, wearing nonslip socks improves gait performance and may be beneficial in reducing the risk of slipping in older people." - Hatton et al. 2013 

Benefits of using Gripperz Non Slip Socks as part of your risk management plan:

  • Safety Socks - extensive grip dots extend along the entire length of the sole, minimising the chance of falls on hard & slippery floors.

  • They Stay Put - a contoured ankle & elasticised top prevents them twisting around and helps them stay in place.

  • Healthy - made of a high quality cotton to ensure breathability and absorbency.

  • Comfort & Warmth - provided by a cushioned sole and contoured ankle.

  • A range of colours and sizes - Anklets available in black, red and grey in three different sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Maxi socks available in Black or Red and also in three different sizes. Using different colours can help identify different risk levels in clients.


If you wish to use Gripperz in your hospital, please contact us for special rates available.

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